Abatement/Mercury Contamination

One of the most common uses for asbestos in building products is in flooring materials like vinyl floor tile, linoleum, and the mastic glues used to adhere these flooring materials to the concrete or wood surface. Most all 9" x 9" floor tiles contain asbestos. It's important to understand that the use of asbestos in the US has only been banned in a few products, namely, auto brake pads and linings, and thermal system insulation (TSI) typically the insulation around pipes. In other words just because a home or building was built recently, it does not mean it doesn't contain asbestos, it may! Flooring products containing asbestos are still imported from Canada and China and could be used in new construction.

Its critical during the removal of asbestos flooring that you have a certified trained expert do the work. Working in compliance with state and local official guidelines will eliminate the health hazards and potential risk to others and the general environment.

USA Floor-Tec has removed these harmful materials from numerous schools, universities and other facilities, and we are certified to provide these services. We provide all materials for testing and evaluation in addition to a written assurance that all asbestos materials were removed and properly disposed of prior to any new installation of flooring materials.

Another critical concern today is replacing mercury flooring (such as rubber gym floors or running tracks that contain mercury). These mercury-flooring products are very common in schools and municipal activity centers. USA Floor-Tec has the expertise and the equipment to test, remove and dispose of theses flooring systems in preparing the concrete surface for the new flooring systems. Contact us today for more details.