USA Floor-Tec is well versed in all varieties of insurance claims and litigation issues specific to commerical flooring. We offer consulting and expertise in evaluating and testing floors for moisture, slip fall standards, climate and energy efficiency ratings, LEED benefits, and maintenance recommendations. We use the latest metering instrumentation to measure moisture levels in all types of substrates and concrete flooring systems, as well as slip coefficient meters for slip/fall to avoid potential liability concerns.

We work directly with building owners, corporations, and general contractors in helping to identify the most appropriate flooring systems to install based on usage and overall environment conditions. Restaurants, grocery stores and other high volume foot traffic retailers have found USA Floor-Tec as an excellent partner in developing specifications for both new floor and rennovation projects helping to reduce their costs or making repairs that can extend the life of their existing floors.

USA Floor-Tec has been asked to provide expert testimony in regard to floor conditions and potential hazards. Our goal is to help the business owner in avoiding any potential financial threat or danger to the health and welfare of their buildings occupants by initiating safe practices and product insights that will prevent such an event.

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