USA Floor-Tec offers a variety of products, equipment and parts for both flooring contractors and general consumers. We offer an online catalog of Do-it-yourself Kits for epoxy and stained concrete applications, concrete densifier materials, the Power Scraper® (for purchase or rental) and replacement parts

Ceramic Bit

When removing something as difficult as ceramic tile, use the Ceramic Bit to easily scrape up tile and thin set motors. This bit is also extremely effective at removing other types of difficult flooring such as wood and some epoxies, terrazzo etc
$149.99 $135.00

Ceramic Bit Holder Attachment

This attachment bolts to the deck of the Power-Scraper to hold the ceramic bits. (holder only - bits ordered separately)

flat blade 24 inch

24 inch flat blade - use to remove a wide variety of flooring systems from VCT, Tile, wood, laminates etc.
$59.99 $54.00

flat blade 6 inch

6 inch flat blade - this blade is used for scraping a variety of flooring systems that require a smaller contact point than the standard blade.
$17.99 $15.00

flat blade 12 inch

12 inch flat blade - for the removal of most flooring systems such as VCT, tiles, wood, epoxy systems, deck coatings, adhesives, vinyl flooring and so much more.
$35.99 $30.00

Carpet "Cutter" Blade 12 inch

12 inch sharpened steel blade with side cutters to easily scrape up and cut through carpet, vinyl and other sheet goods

Swivel Deck base - Replacement Part

Swivel deck base replacement part. This is the base that attaches to the front deck of the Power-Scraper.

Swivel Head insert base

swivel head insert replacement part.