Overlays & Coatings

USA Floor-Tec is pleased to introduce a new coating system designed to avoid the constant need for waxing of tile, ceramic and wood flooring surfaces. Our new "Never Wax System" is the only way to go when it comes to managing high volume foot- traffic areas such as school cafeterias, auditoriums, civic centers and many other public facility environments. While waxing a floor surface isn’t terribly difficult to do, wax offers zero protection against wear and tear. Plus in time, a dull residue wax build-up occurs requiring that the wax surface be stripped on a routine basis. Literally hundreds of manhours are spent on the average floor every year, let alone the expense of the wax product itself. That’s why USA Floor-Tec has installed our new Never Wax System as the ideal one-time solution in maintaining a tough, long-lasting, high shine surface for your tile and other wax based flooring surfaces. We also offer the "Safety Seal" component to provide a slip resistent quality while still maintaining the natural look of floor design. Contact Jason Keathly today to learn more about this exciting new solution.

Overlays and coatings are typically used to restore the concrete surface removing unwanted blemishes providing a clean, consistant look prior to applying stains or uniform color. These products are often essential for leveling a floor surface, patching damaged areas within the slab prior to the flooring installation. The materials are designed to work on both interior and exterior applications and are available in a variety of different grades depending on the end product flooring application.

Once installed, the surface preparation is the same as for any other concrete flooring system. If you feel that your substrate (slab) surface is sloping, detect spider cracking, or moisture damage, contact us today for an inspection and evaluation before initiating any new flooring installation efforts. The substrate is the foundation of your floorings longevity and protection.