USA Floor-Tec provides solutions for both residential and commercial customers with a wide range of concrete flooring systems. Whether it requires a tightly specified product and system installation or a general evaluation/recommended approach, we can work with you to provide a cost effective and quality solution. Our process and approach is designed to avoid surprises and to keep the customer informed every step of the way.

First we listen to the customer’s specific needs and then provide an inspection of the area(s) to be installed. We identify any potential challenges or substrate issues that might compromise the quality, integrity and durability of the final surface finish.

Second, we provide a detailed scope outlining the product specifications, materials to be installed and general perameters of the project. Upon the customer’s review, we establish a work schedule that complies with the customers convenience.

The last and most crucial part of any project is the importance of following the installation process properly. Whether its preparing the substrate surface for application, applying a moisture barrier, polishing, decorative scoring or dye color installation, our procedures cannot be compromised in guaranteeing the long-lasting finish and quality assurance as a part of our product warranty.