Stained Concrete

USA Floor-Tec provides stained concrete flooring for residential and commercial customers. Stained concrete enhances the existing substrate (slab) surface by using reactive stains to bring out the depth and detail of the natural concrete surface.

These decorative concrete floors are environmentally friendly and a cost efficient way to revitalize your home or office. Concrete stains are extremely durable as they will not chip, fade, or peel. This flooring can be sealed with an epoxy or urethane coating to further preserve the finish. With the addition of decorative scoring, creative borders and a tile pattern impression can make what once was an ordinary concrete surface a work of art.

We install both water based and acid based staining materials to achieve various colors and hues creating an old world affect. Depending on the application environment (interior/exterior) determines the specific materials to be installed, but most surfaces can be sealed to preserve the color with a gloss or semi-gloss finish.

Easily maintained, stained concrete continues to be one of the most popular concrete flooring solutions among homeowners. Concrete stains create a smooth surface that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance or upkeep aside from occasional cleaning with a damp mop. Because concrete floors do not trap dust, mold, and other allergens, the use of concrete stains can improve indoor air quality in your home or commercial building.