Waterproofing/Vapor Barriers

Waterproofing and vapor barriers are an important initial step in avoiding future moisture control issues within your slab. Our liquid moisture barriers offer a number of benefits including the ability to reduce vapor transmission to near zero. Therefore, our vapor barriers can help eliminate and prevent the occurrence of future water and mold problems. Additional benefits of using the liquid vapor barrier products that can be applied by our professional, experienced installers include:

  • Zero VOC rating for LEED and Green construction projects
  • Capable of treating 25lb. MVER (100% humidity concrete)
  • Quick application requiring little downtime
  • 10 year guarantee on most product applications

Our vapor barrier products are ideal for new or existing old floors to prevent moisture transmission which can eliminate the risk of mold or moisture problems. Most commonly installed in rental apartments, condos, homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, warehouses, food processing plants, etc.

It is important that our installers take several key steps before beginning the liquid vapor barrier installation process. This includes properly cleaning concrete subfloors to remove any dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, concrete sealers, or lose particles. Additionally, we will perform important relative humidity testing procedures prior to vapor barrier application. After completing the initial preparation stages, our installers begin the liquid epoxy vapor barrier application process, which often includes only a quick one-coat application.

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